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This is the FETCHEST blog about MEAN GIRLS stuff. Here you have quotes, images, music, videos and all tht u can imagine about the movie. I Do not own any of the pictures unless stated otherwise. READING THE BURN BOOK

💖🌻✨ Hey guys. I’m here to say that i am really happy that you enjoy my blog. Everytime i log in i see that there are a lot of new asks sending me compliments and it totally makes my day. But I don’t log in here as much as i would like to. I don’t upload here as much as i would like to. I have another blog that i use, it’s, where
I log in daily and post/reblog new stuff daily. It would mean the world for me if you all followed me there, ‘cause it’s my main blog. Well, thank you everybody who likes, reblog and follow meangirlsgifs. And thank you for reading 💘
Ps: Sorry about my english lmao